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ThermoSPORT - All Colors

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ThermoSPORT - All Colors
ThermoSPORT - All Colors
ThermoSPORT - All Colors
ThermoSPORT - All Colors
ThermoSPORT - All Colors
ThermoSPORT - All Colors
ThermoSPORT - All Colors
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ThermoSPORT - All Colors
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Introducing Specialty Materials ThermoSPORT™ Athletic Vinyl – The Ultimate Solution for Personalized Sports Apparel!

Elevate your sports apparel game with the innovative ThermoSPORT™ Athletic Vinyl from Specialty Materials. Designed to bridge the gaps in open-mesh athletic jerseys, this premium heat transfer vinyl brings unparalleled versatility and durability to your crafting projects. Whether you're adding numbers and names to the back of jerseys or customizing polyester sports garments, ThermoSPORT™ has got you covered.

Key Features:

  • Gap-Bridging Technology: ThermoSPORT™ is engineered to seamlessly fill gaps in open-mesh athletic jerseys, ensuring smooth and professional-looking results.

  • Quick Application: With its low-temperature pressing capability, ThermoSPORT™ lets you work efficiently and effectively, saving you time and energy.

  • Vibrant Color Selection: Choose from a wide range of 15 high-energy athletic colors, each boasting a semi-gloss finish that adds a touch of professional flair to your creations.

  • Dye Migration Defense: ThermoSPORT™ goes the extra mile by effectively blocking dye migration, ensuring your designs stay vibrant and true to their intended colors.

Compatible Fabrics:

ThermoSPORT™ is versatile enough to work its magic on a variety of fabrics, including Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Mesh, and Poly-blends. While it's a powerhouse on these materials, please note that ThermoSPORT™ is not suitable for use on nylon fabrics.

Sizes and Thickness:

Choose from three available widths – 13.5”, 18”, and 27” – to perfectly fit your project's dimensions. With a thickness of 6.8 mils/170 microns, ThermoSPORT™ strikes the ideal balance between durability and flexibility.

Craft with Confidence:

While ThermoSPORT™ empowers your crafting endeavors, it's important to keep in mind a couple of recommendations. Avoid layering this vinyl, and opt for traditional cutting methods instead of laser cutters, as ThermoSPORT™ is a PVC product that releases hazardous fumes when laser cut.

Unleash Your Creativity:

Unleash your creativity and explore a world of possibilities with ThermoSPORT™ Athletic Vinyl. From personalizing sports jerseys and garments to creating unique accessories, this versatile vinyl is your ticket to standout designs that will leave a lasting impression.

Available Colors: White, Storm Grey, Black, Red, Orange, Maroon, Athletic Yellow, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Columbia Blue, Purple, Kelly Green, Dark Green, Old Gold, Neon Pink

Discover the difference that Specialty Materials ThermoSPORT™ Athletic Vinyl can make in your crafting projects. Elevate your sports apparel game today and shop the collection at Molly's Craft Vinyl!

Please remember to handle ThermoSPORT™ with care, and always refer to the product guidelines for the best results. Your creativity knows no bounds – and with ThermoSPORT™, your craft vinyl projects will be taken to a whole new level of excellence.


REVERSE READING Cut this material into a mirror image.
300°-320° F
Medium Pressure
8-10 seconds
Peel warm or cold.
Wash according to garment instructions.
Laser Compatible:

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