FashionFlex Heat-Sensitive

FashionFlex® Heat-Sensitive is a brand new heat-sensitive product line available in 6 colors. All colors change to white when exposed to heat, like when you touch it with your hand! FashionFlex® Heat-Sensitive gives you a full matte finish and a soft feel, much like our ThermoFlex® Plus. Easy to cut and weed and comes on a slightly sticky carrier for easy repositioning.

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  • FASHIONFlex® Heat-Sensitive FASHIONFlex® Heat-Sensitive

    FASHIONFlex® Heat-Sensitive

    $69.24 - $129.24
    Introducing Specialty Materials FASHIONFlex® Heat-Sensitive Heat Transfer Vinyl – Unleash Your Creative Heat! Are you ready to take your crafting to a whole new level of innovation and excitement? Look no further than Specialty Materials...
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    $69.24 - $129.24
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