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ThermoFlex® Color Up

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ThermoFlex® Color Up
ThermoFlex® Color Up
ThermoFlex® Color Up
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ThermoFlex® Color Up
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Introducing Specialty Materials ThermoFlex® Color Up Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl – Your Gateway to Creative Textile Designs!

Revolutionize your crafting and garment decoration projects with ThermoFlex® Color Up, the heat-sealable, paintable, and printable polyurethane vinyl designed to transform your artistic visions into stunning realities on both bright and dark textiles.

Product Overview: ThermoFlex® Color Up opens up a world of possibilities for expressing your creativity on fabric. This exceptional heat transfer vinyl is not just white – it's a canvas waiting to showcase your imagination. Whether you're a crafting enthusiast, a professional designer, or a DIY aficionado, this vinyl promises impressive results that stand out.

Printing Compatibility: Printing your designs onto ThermoFlex® Color Up is a breeze. It seamlessly accommodates all current inkjet and laser printers, ensuring that your intricate designs retain their vibrancy and clarity. The vinyl's outstanding planarity, enhanced by the incorporation of a self-adhesive PET-Film on the hotmelt side, guarantees improved printing quality.

Compatible Fabrics: ThermoFlex® Color Up is perfectly suited for a range of fabrics, including cotton, uncoated polyester, and fabric blends. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to versatile creativity! However, please note that textiles with hydrophobic impregnation and sublimation dyes should steer clear of this heat transfer vinyl. Additionally, while it can work wonders on various materials, it's important to remember that ThermoFlex® Color Up cannot be used on nylon.

Size and Thickness: Available in convenient A4 size, ThermoFlex® Color Up ensures that your designs fit flawlessly on your chosen canvas. With a thickness of 0.16 +/-5% microns, this vinyl strikes the perfect balance between durability and flexibility, resulting in professional-looking creations that stand the test of time.

Special Precautions: To achieve the best results, we recommend conducting a printer compatibility test before embarking on your production journey. Layering is not advised, as it could compromise the quality of your design. For a lasting finish, give your masterpiece at least 24 hours after pressing before laundering. If you're planning to add your artistic flair through painting on the vinyl, exercise patience – wait 24 hours for the paint to thoroughly dry.

Unleash your artistic flair with ThermoFlex® Color Up Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl and elevate your fabric projects to a whole new level of innovation. Whether you're crafting personalized apparel, designing unique homeware, or adding a touch of your creativity to accessories, this vinyl is your trusted companion for turning your ideas into tangible works of art.

Experience the future of textile design. Get ThermoFlex® Color Up today and let your imagination run wild!


RIGHT READING Cut this material Right Reading. Trim excess white from design with cutter or scissors.
320° F
Medium, even
15 seconds
Wash with mild detergent, inside out. Tumble dry normal.
Laser Compatible:

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