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Premium Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl: ColorPrint™ Solvent/Ecosol

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ColorPrint™ Solvent/Ecosol CPS-2160
ColorPrint™ Solvent/Ecosol CPS-2165
ColorPrint™ Solvent Silver CPSS-2168
ColorPrint™ Solvent Silver CPSS-2168
ColorPrint™ Solvent Leather/Vinyl CPLV-2700
ColorPrint™ Solvent Glitter CPSG-2180
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Introducing Specialty Materials ColorPrint™ Solvent/Ecosol Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl - Your Ultimate Crafting Companion!

Are you ready to elevate your crafting projects to a whole new level? Look no further than Specialty Materials ColorPrint™ Solvent/Ecosol Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl! Unleash your creativity and bring your designs to life with this exceptional range of printable materials designed exclusively for use with solvent, eco-solvent, UV, and latex printers.

Product Overview: With a dedication to excellence, ColorPrint™ Solvent/Ecosol brings you a world of possibilities for creating eye-catching designs. These versatile polyurethane transfer films offer a soft touch, flexibility, and remarkable durability, ensuring your creations maintain their vibrancy through countless washes.

Unparalleled Compatibility: Crafted to cater to various printing methods, ColorPrint™ Solvent/Ecosol stands as the perfect choice for solvent, eco-solvent, UV, and latex printers. This adaptability ensures that you can seamlessly integrate these heat transfer vinyls into your existing workflow.

Diverse Selection: ColorPrint™ Solvent/Ecosol boasts a lineup of five distinct films, each with its own unique characteristics to suit different crafting needs. From the classic brilliance of CPS-2160 to the elegant satin finish of CPS-2165 and the captivating sparkle of CPSG-2180, there's a vinyl to match every design vision.

Outstanding Features:

  1. CPS-2160: The crowd-favorite CPS-2160 stands as a versatile and durable printable vinyl that offers a soft hand, making it perfect for a range of fabrics. It's even compatible with latex printers under specific conditions for your convenience.

  2. CPS-2165: Looking for a satin matte finish? CPS-2165 delivers just that, coupled with exceptional softness and reduced dye migration. Its thicker liner minimizes curling, ensuring seamless application.

  3. CPSS-2168: Embrace the metallic charm of silver with CPSS-2168. Its semi-gloss to full gloss finish adds a touch of luxury to your designs, giving them a distinctive edge.

  4. CPSG-2180: Elevate your designs with a touch of glittering glamour. CPSG-2180 lets you craft sparkling creations with ease, making your designs truly stand out.

  5. CPLV-2700: Specially designed for leather, vinyl, and low-temperature fabrics, CPLV-2700 combines resilience and a soft hand, making it the perfect choice for a range of unconventional materials.

Craft with Confidence: ColorPrint™ Solvent/Ecosol printable heat transfer vinyls undergo rigorous testing to ensure that your creations remain vibrant and fade-resistant even after numerous washes. So, whether you're designing for fashion, home decor, or personalized gifts, these vinyls offer long-lasting quality that you can trust.

Convenient Sizing: Choose from a variety of widths and lengths, allowing you to tailor your vinyl selection to your project's needs. With options ranging from 15 to 75 feet, you'll have ample material to bring your creative visions to life.

Discover Limitless Creativity: Explore the dynamic world of crafting possibilities with Specialty Materials ColorPrint™ Solvent/Ecosol Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl. Elevate your designs, unlock new textures, and achieve stunning results that stand the test of time. Your creativity knows no bounds when you choose ColorPrint™ Solvent/Ecosol as your crafting companion.

Unleash the potential of these remarkable heat transfer vinyls today and turn your crafting dreams into reality. Experience the difference at!


Right reading
Paper Liner: DTM-855 Clear Liner: KTM-500
275° F
Firm, even.
15 seconds UV Printers – 20 seconds
Warm, almost hot
Wash inside out, gentle, cold water. Tumble dry low.

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