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Signicade MDX White 18" x 24"


The Plasticade products are durable 100% plastic products that will not rust, splinter, or ever need painting and this is a great place to get them at very reasonable prices. The Signicade MDX is 20"x31.5" and it has a 18" wide x 24" tall sign area.

 You can easily display a sign on EACH SIDE of the stand.  Available in black or white.  The molded handle provides easy portability. These stands can be internally weighted down with sand.  The stand has a "lift up, drop in" feature and requires no hardware to add your RIGID sign panel. The "lift up,  drop in" feature is the key feature that makes this stand different than our "regular" signicade sign stands.  

You can add internal weight to the stand (if needed). You will NOT want to fill them up all the way to the top with sand or they will bend. 


NOTE: Orders of 50 or more may have a lead time of 2-3 days.

Signicade MDX White 18" x 24" Reviews

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