Molly's Dimond Cut Vinyl 12" x 15ft Permanent Vinyl Rolls

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Molly's Dimond Permanent Adhesive Vinyl Sheets by Molly's Craft Vinyl


Molly's Dimond permanent adhesive vinyl rolls are an excellent choice when exposure to the elements is a factor. Whether your project requires indoor or outdoor application, you can expect your vinyl to withstand a harsh environment for up to 5 years, while its polished high-gloss finish will add a sophisticated presentation. Sunlight and moisture are no match to the durable resistance of the high-quality, flexible of Molly's Dimond Cut Vinyl 12"X 15ft Rolls Permanent Vinyl Rolls.  Ideally suited for architectural signage, commercial-retail signage, point-of-purchase graphics and decals; Molly's Dimond permanent adhesive vinyl sheets will exceed all expectations.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review