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ContraVision Performance - Long Term


Contra Vision Performance is the premium brand of perforated window films, made from high-performance, thick calendered polymeric face-films. The product range is manufactured to exacting standards to provide high quality printing, minimal shrinkage and problem-free installation and removal. It also offers a number of innovative features including our patented Contra Vision Grayliner.

Contra Vision Performance is available as a white and black perforated window film for producing one-way vision graphics, or a Clear perforated window film for inside application graphics, or a Translucent White perforated window film for day and night effect.

The thickness and durability of our polymeric vinyl formulation means that an overlaminate is only needed in locations where the graphics will be exposed to rain and/or dirt where constant through-vision is an essential requirement or in situations when the films are exposed to abrasion or chemical washing.

  • Available with either a Premium liner for optimum printing on solvent or latex machines or Universal liner for printing on UV machines.
  • 180micron thick German-engineered polymeric calendered vinyl
  • Formed by laminating white and black layers together to give optimum consistency and printing performance.
  • The polymeric formulation ensures minimal shrinkage after installation to avoid dirt-attracting adhesive from becoming exposed.
  • REACH compliant avoiding the use of potentially harmful substances.
  • The clear, solvent acrylic adhesive is optimised to give easy, low temperature application, reliable adhesion and quick and clean removal when required.

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