Anchor 117 SignBlast Stencil

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Product Overview

Anchor 117 SignBlast Stencil Designed for use with computerized cutting machines. Trimmed edges on 15-inch roll allows smooth and easy tracking through the machine. A strong, clear fi lm liner provides extra rigidity. The 15-inch width will track through most computer cutters. The 30-inch width will track only through a large pin plotter and the stencil rubber extends to the edge of the liner. After letters and designs are cut, they must be taped for transferring the stencil to stone. Use with Intertape™/ Anchor Filler #211. The following data are nominal values based on PSTC, ASTM and other standard test . The data should not be considered as specifications. Adhesive Medium Tack / Rubber Total Thickness (mil) 42 (1.07 mm) PSTC-133 Tensile Strength (lbs/in) 7 (30.6 N/25mm) PSTC-131 180º Adhesion to Steel (oz/in) 23 (6.3 N/25mm) PSTC-101 Elongation (% @ break) 450 PSTC-131


(No reviews yet) Write a Review